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Onofrio Law provides the best customer service possible by not taking on too many clients. That’s right. We are selective about our clients. We aren’t trying to become a giant firm. In fact, we like our size, believing that bigger isn’t always better. Our clients think so, too.

Marta Knittel, Yogurt Stop

If you’re reading this, it’s your lucky day!  Onofrio Law was our answer to our Trademark needs. When we opened Yogurt Stop in West Hollywood eight years ago, we were incredibly fortunate to have Dara Onofrio handle all our IP needs. She is highly professional, and a leader in her field, yet takes her time to explain the process and keep us up to date. She made us feel as though every question we asked was of great importance. No task is too small for her, or too large.

Linda Oldham, L-7 Designs

Dara Onofrio and the staff from Onofrio Law have been invaluable in helping us with our business. We have been associated with them for many years now and have done numerous transactions with the firm. We’ve always been entirely pleased. It is always a comfort to know that Dara and her exceptional team are working with us in whatever way we need. Dara has become a close and invaluable associate over the years and will continue to be in the future.

Sally Faison, Moms the Word

We have used Onofrio law for several Trademark issues. Dara is excellent at explaining clearly all the pros and cons and re-explaining at each next step. She notified us at each stage and clearly articulated the process. I trust Dara completely and felt comfortable in her hands. Her expertise allowed me to get on with the many other tasks before me, knowing Dara capably managed our IP issues.

Frank Fiasconaro, CG Creations

For the past ten years, Onofrio Law has represented my company on all intellectual property matters. We have always been delighted with her work, whether it be patent, trademark, or copyright. She is knowledgeable, responsive, and highly effective and efficient.

Charles Le-Salle, City Gym Boys

Onofrio Law is one of the reasons why City Gym Boys is around and will continue to succeed in years to come. Dara’s work goes far beyond the call of duty, and City Gym Boys is exceptionally grateful for that. As our intellectual property attorney, Dara has secured the City Gym Boys trademark in the U.S. and around the world. We are all very fortunate to have Dara and Onofrio Law on our team, and we hope this positive relationship will continue in the future.

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