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word art about intellectual property

Practice Areas

Contrary to a large-firm mentality, at Onofrio Law, you will not communicate and rely on junior staffers for your vital legal work.

The cornerstones of Onofrio Law's success are personal service and experienced attention to all details. We want to know our clients, and we want them to know us. We believe that is the best way to conduct business. In that way, we can guarantee that each minute we spend working with a client is necessary and efficiently managed.

IP Counseling

Onofrio Law takes the time with each client to discover the optimal ways of protecting your intellectual property, which may encompass patent, trademark, and copyright.


Our experience guiding individuals and companies on how best to protect their inventions and innovations is unparalleled. We work closely with our clients to oversee every step of the process from search, an initial filing, patent examination, and issuance.


Onofrio Law handles licensing agreements in a wide range of industries and can negotiate and draft simple and complex license agreements.



​From counseling a client on how a mark will function to clearance, filing, prosecution, maintenance, oppositions, and settlement of disputes, Onofrio Law handles every step of the process with our clients. 


Our first goal is to resolve and settle matters. However, our team of professionals can litigate intellectual property infringement disputes on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. 


We have extensive experience advising clients on all aspects of copyright protection including registration, fair use, and infringement.

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