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Representative Client List

The creativity and individuality of our clients drive Onofrio Law. Our client list runs the gamut from Fortune 50 companies and mid-size businesses to individual inventors, artists, musicians, and medical professionals. Our clients consistently inspire us with their innovation and creative development.
Domestic Clients

  • Apparel

  • Artists

  • Authors

  • Bakery/Food

  • Bedding products

  • Bio-energetic healer and author

  • Bottle designs

  • Cleaning services

  • Cosmetic formulations

  • Doctors/Medical professionals

  • Doll designs

  • Electrical devices and distributor

  • Inventors in a variety of categories
    Medical/pharmaceutical formulations
    Orthopedic devices
    Packing/delivery services

  • Educational programs

Domestic Clients


  • Fashion/clothing designs

  • Fashion and interior design, home furnishings 

  • Fiber, paper company

  • Film production company

  • Fitness videos and calendars

  • Graphic design company

  • Jewelry wholesale designer, manufacturer 

  • Pet products

  • Physical therapy devices

  • Photographers

  • Reality show producers

  • Recording studios

  • School product supply company

  • Screenwriters

  • Sports and recreation facility

  • Web-based computer software

Mayra Guzman-Ramos, Office Manager with Dara Onofrio.

International Clients

  • Global paper company

  • Small electronics

  • Jewelry, watches

  • Mechanical devices

  • Medical instruments and device

  • Stuffed animal toy

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