Representative Client List

Onofrio Law is driven by the creativity and individuality of others. We have clients that run the gamut of Fortune 50 companies, small businesses, to individual inventors, artists, musicians and medical professionals. Our clients consistently inspire us with their innovation and creative development.
Domestic Clients

  • Apparel

  • Artists

  • Authors

  • Bakery/Food

  • Bedding products

  • Bio-energetic healer and author

  • Bottle designs

  • Cleaning services

  • Cosmetic formulations

  • Doctors/Medical professionals

  • Doll designs

  • Electrical devices and distributor

  • Inventors in a variety of categories
    Medical/pharmaceutical formulations
    Orthopedic devices
    Packing/delivery services

  • Educational programs

Domestic Clients


  • Fashion/clothing designs

  • Fashion and interior design, home furnishings 

  • Fiber, paper company

  • Film production company

  • Fitness videos and calendars

  • Graphic design company

  • Jewelry wholesale designer, manufacturer 

  • Pet products

  • Physical therapy devices

  • Photographers

  • Reality show producers

  • Recording studios

  • School product supply company

  • Screenwriters

  • Sports and recreation facility

  • Web-based computer software

Mayra Guzman-Ramos, Office Manager with Dara Onofrio.

International Clients

  • Global paper company

  • Small electronics

  • Jewelry, watches

  • Mechanical devices

  • Medical instruments and device

  • Stuffed animal toy

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